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Gift With Purchase

To drive your marketing strategy and expand your brand, consider utilising the 'Gift with Purchase' (GWP) concept in your business. This low-risk, high appeal promotional activity has been used for decades and that's because it works. As its name suggests, this strategy involves providing customers with a gift - your custom branded merchandise - at the point of sale. As your branding and marketing experts, Image Group can help you to see the full effects of the GWP approach. 

How Does it Work?

To use this tried and tested concept to boost your brand’s awareness and increase company sales, start by identifying and truly understand your target audience. This will help you choose a promotional product that will appeal to this target and has a high perceived value. This is crucial for the success of this strategy.

Finding the right product at the right quality isn’t always easy though, and that’s where we come in. We not only offer the promotional products, but a range of branding and marketing services and solutions to match.

Why Does It Work?

The GWP idea is so popular because it follows a simple but enduring truth; consumers love getting free stuff. While at the point of sale, your customers will be provided with both a perceived value for their money spent and a sense of instant gratification.

How to Implement GWP

The key to a successful GWP campaign is to choose the right gift. Think about your target customer and what other interests or needs they may have. Consider the way your promotional merchandise can coincide not only with your customers’ desires, but also with your company’s products. You want your customers to associate this gift with your brand. For example, if you are a sporting goods company, giving away free bags or water bottles with your logo on it would be a way to strategically align the merchandise with the products you want to promote.

In addition, the custom branded merchandise should be small enough to keep near the register at any retail store. If your products are sold at a different retailer’s store, co-branding the gift with the store is a good way to increase cooperation.

Check out our case studies for past Gift With Purchase projects for some inspiration for your next promotional strategy, or contact us for more information.