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14 March 2018


The investment into a promotional merchandise campaign can often have a greater return on investment and be better received than other marketing tools. Not only has promotional merchandise campaigns been proven to be far more cost effective but the results have been far more successful also. Greater reach and greater brand awareness among customers and potential customers are a couple of key benefits seen.

We know that people love free things, so when you combine free gifts with items used everyday, branded in your company’s logo, greater brand recognition and reach successfully occurs.

Below are 5 key reasons why you should incorporate a promotional merchandise plan into your marketing calendar.  


  1.      Increased brand recognition

For any business their goal is to have high brand recognition and recall. The question always lies how can you be at the fore front of your potential and existing customers mind when they reach the information search stage of their purchasing process. Its time to get creative, promotional merchandise is an affordable marketing tool that can be incorporated into your new and existing customers life’s. Choosing items that are used daily will increase their brand recognition and keep you top of mind.


  1.      Mass outreach at low cost

The investment into a promotional merchandise campaign can often have a greater return on investment and be better received. When it comes to the marketing budget we know within a business there often isn’t much left for the marketing due to budget priorities. However, offering a small gift with purchase or a free pen with a takeaway menu increases customer loyalty. These items are then taken out into the public and seen by many more people who may come in contact with them.


  1.      Promotional products are kept for 1 year or longer

When considering your marketing mix and what channels to employ of course you consider the reach, length and depth. It has been found by studies that promotional products are actually kept for 1 year of longer! Now for a low cost marketing tool this is an extremely lucrative tool to use. Think about this, your promotional merchandise is being seen for a whole year compared to 1 week or so in a magazine. I know what tool I would employ when considering my bang for buck.


  1.      Alternative business card

When was the last time you received a business card? Yes business cards serve a purpose but what makes your business card stand out from the pile of business cards in ones hand bag or wallet? Handing out a tangible and useful product with your details on it not only differentiates yourself from the pile of business cards they already have but it shows your customer or potential customer you care about helping them through their day to day tasks, whilst still reminding them of your business.


A couple of images below demonstrate creative ways people have delivered their details to potential and existing customers.




Purchasing process: